WHO ARE the MUSIC Boosters?


Volunteers – The Lifeblood Of Our Booster Organization

The ongoing success and evolution of our Music Programs require help from us, the parents. We have a real need for volunteers throughout the entire school year.

We are requesting that each parent commit to volunteering for at least ONE event during the 2019-20 school year. A listing of all planned events available in our CALENDAR section. These events are critical to PHS Music Boosters fundraising efforts—efforts that help to lower your PROMOTE OUR MUSICIANS (POM) contribution by hundreds of dollars per student. Without these efforts, your $150 fair-share contribution would be closer to $300 per student. Won’t you do your part and volunteer – today?

Lending a hand to the program promises:

  • a place to build meaningful friendships with others who share a commitment to our students

  • a chance to be close to your student without being too close

  • an opportunity to make a valuable contribution of your time

We have many opportunities for you to put your skills and talents to use:

  • Our Food Service team needs help with food preparation, BBQ cooks, servers and cashiers.

  • Our Logistics team would love your assistance in getting instruments and equipment for each of our groups ready to perform at the venues.

  • If you’re great at communicating, join our Communications team, which is responsible for our Website, Photography, Video and the online photo gallery.

  • How about helping maintaining and prepping Marching Band Uniforms and Color Guard costumes?

  • Put your Marketing and Sales skills together to help with Fundraising.

  • If you are a weekend handyman or a skilled trades person, we could use your talent with prop construction/fabrication and equipment maintenance.

  • We need Chaperones to make sure our students are safe.

Remember, your help at our fundraising events directly affects our ability to keep your fair-share financial contributions as low as possible!


The Music Boosters at Portola High School is comprised of ALL of the families, from every area in the Music Department: Band, Color Guard, Choir, Guitar/Studio, and Orchestra. Each family with a student involved in the program at PHS has an important stake in supporting and maintaining the high quality of education and performance experiences that our school has to offer. As our learners grow in their various ensembles, we strive to provide a community of parents (and more broadly as families) that support these endeavours, affording them a rich and comprehensive education that will not just teach them about music, but also about hard work, leadership, responsibility… and especially, COMMUNITY!


Our main function as a Music Boosters is to provide support to the Music Department where it is most needed. This takes many forms: preparation & decoration for concerts, organization of fundraisers, helping arrange food and transportation for performing groups, etc. With an army of over 500 performers and dozens of performances every year, we practice and preach the idea of “many hands make light work.” With so many jobs to take care of, we need all the help we can get — from everything to those with a flair for decorating and baking to CPAs and Lawyers to help make sure that we retain our 501(c)(3) nonprofit status.


The Portola High School Music Boosters, Inc is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization. If your company has a non-profit matching funds contribution program, we qualify as a recipient.

We are pleased to announce the 2018-2019 Board of Directors, who hold fiduciary responsibilities for the corporation.

  • President: Jessica Zhu

  • Vice president of Fundraising: Su Soegianto

  • Vice President of Volunteer Coordination: Sue Zhang

  • Secretary: Rachel Kim

  • Treasurer: Sandy Kwok

  • Historian: Alice Xie

  • Hospitality Chair: MItu Didi

If you have an interest in serving on the Board of Directors, please be sure to attend our monthly meetings and get involved as a volunteer on one of our Committees. All members serve as unpaid volunteers. Elections for Board positions are held in the beginning of the school year.


Mission Statement

  • To provide organizational and financial support to the Portola High School Music Department and to support the program priorities as established by the Music Department Directors.

  • To promote and encourage school board, administrative, faculty, student, and community interest and support of the Portola High School Music Department.

  • To foster a closer relationship between home, student, and music department faculty through parental involvement.


The PHS Music Boosters is governed by an elected Board of Directors and its membership. The Board of Directors consists of a president, secretary, and separate vice presidents and treasures for orchestra, band, choir, marching band and color guard.

Parents are encouraged to volunteer for the Board and various activities throughout the school year.