Guitar & STudio Music


Yearlong    |   Level: 1

Guitar 1 is the first class in a series of 4 classes designed for students wishing to explore music outside of a more traditional Wind Band or Orchestral setting. Students will be introduced to both classical guitar technique as well as other popular styles of music. Organized for a more independent pace of learning in mind, students will be engaged with solo literature, small ensemble playing, as well as introductions to music technology and recording software.

Prerequisite: None


Yearlong    |   Level: 2

Guitar 2 is the second class in the non-traditional music series. The students in this course will continue to progress in all aspects of guitar playing. They will develop intermediate classical guitar technique as well as working more on popular music styles. Students will continue with a primarily independent learning pace, but will also be required to collaborate in small group “bands” as they develop skills needed for arranging and rehearsing music in a collaborative setting.

Prerequisite: “C” or better in Guitar 1 OR by Audition/Teacher Approval Required


Yearlong    |   Level: 3

Studio music this the third course in the non-traditional music series. In this course students learn individual and collaborative skills as contemporary musicians. Students will study composing, arranging, songwriting, and leading rehearsals. Students will also learn how to use music technology equipment and software to compose, record, and edit live musical performances. Although this class is part of the “Guitar/Studio Track,” it designed to be open to all musicians at PHS - winds, brass, percussion, strings, vocals, guitars, and pianists.

Prerequisite/s: Audition or Teacher Approval Required


Yearlong    |   Level: 4

This ensemble is the advanced performance group whose primary repertoire consists of pop, rock, and contemporary music genres. Instrumentation is open and flexible but will primarily consist of vocalists, guitarist, bassist, drummers, pianists, and woodwinds/brass. Students in this class will use the skills and arrangements developed in the studio music track to create covers and original music and a commercial music setting: recording, gigs, and other performances.

Prerequisite: Studio Music AND Audition/Teacher Approval Required