Specialized Music CLasses


Semester    |   Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Jazz Ensemble is an ensemble where students will begin to learn and explore the idiom of Jazz music. Jazz Ensemble begins during Second semester, after Marching Band ends. Students interested in Jazz Ensemble must be enrolled in Marching Band for the first semester. Students will study advanced theory, music improvisation and musical vocabulary used in preparation and performance of concert literature. They will also be able to experiment and work on skills of improvisation in different styles of jazz and rock.

Prerequisite: Must satisfy all three below

1) Concurrent enrollment in Marching Band

2) Concurrent enrollment in another performance ensemble

3) Audition/Teacher Recommendation

AP Music theory

Yearlong    |   Level: Advanced

This course introduces the first year of college-level musicianship, theory, musical materials and procedures. Emphasizes aspects of music such as melody, harmony, texture, rhythm, form, musical analysis, composition and some historical and stylistic interpretation. Musicianship skills also include dictation and other listening skills, sight-singing, and keyboard harmony.

Prerequisite: Students must have basic performance skills in voice or instrument AND Signed director approval

Music Leadership

Semester    |   Level: Advanced

This class is for Juniors and Seniors only. It is designed to develop your leadership and teaching skills. As a part of the Music Leadership course, you would be paired with a younger ensemble, where you will learn strategies of leadership, music education, instrument pedagogy, and EVEN get to conduct the group you work with!

Prerequisite: Teacher Approval Required


Yearlong    |   Level: Intermediate-Advanced

This vocal ensemble focuses on the study and performance of the music of theatre. Students will have the opportunity to rehearse, perform, songs from the Broadway genre. Students will obtain training and skills associated with Musical Theatre singing, both in soloist and ensemble settings. Students will learn and use correct theatre and music terminology and vocabulary in written and oral discussion.  Students will achieve understanding of the historical, creative, artistic, and aesthetic aspects of musical theatre. Students will gain knowledge and understanding of the social and cultural impact of the musical theatre vocal genre on society and culture. Students will achieve a professional and personal understanding of the arts through rehearsals, auditions, performances and presentations (both written and aural).

Prerequisite: Vocal audition required


Yearlong    |   Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Studio music this the third course in the non-traditional music series. In this course students learn individual and collaborative skills as contemporary musicians. Students will study composing, arranging, songwriting, and leading rehearsals. Students will also learn how to use music technology equipment and software to compose, record, and edit live musical performances. Although this class is part of the “Guitar/Studio Track,” it designed to be open to all musicians at PHS - winds, brass, percussion, strings, vocals, guitars, and pianists.

Prerequisite/s: Audition or Teacher Approval Required


Yearlong    |   Level: Advanced

This ensemble is the advanced performance group whose primary repertoire consists of pop, rock, and contemporary music genres. Instrumentation is open and flexible but will primarily consist of vocalists, guitarist, bassist, drummers, pianists, and woodwinds/brass. Students in this class will use the skills and arrangements developed in the studio music track to create covers and original music and a commercial music setting: recording, gigs, and other performances.

Prerequisite: Studio Music AND Audition/Teacher Approval Required